WRMD 3.0: Update

Just A Quick Post on Last Nights Update

The update last night went relatively smoothly though it took longer than expected. All the data transferred over and we are just about done moving all your attachments as well.

With this new version we now have a way to manage bugs and errors much better. Basically when ever you receive an error message on your screen we get notified about it at the same time. So far today there have been a handful of errors. That’s not too unexpected because of this major change we are going through. As we are receiving the errors we are correcting the problems as fast as possible so they will not be repeated. Thankfully today is January 1st and (hopefully) not too busy of a day for you!

As always, if you are having difficulties then please reach out to us so we can help.

2 thoughts on “WRMD 3.0: Update

    1. Hi Sandy,

      I also replied to you within WRMD but just to make sure you see this message I’ll repeat it here as well. The records are organized by year. So all your 2015 records are still there but too see them you have to change the year under the “Years in Account” dropdown field on the left sidebar. I double checked your records and as far as I can tell they are all there.

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