WRMD 3.0: Transferring Records

In WRMD 3.0 you can still print, email and export records. In addition to these options we are introducing the ability to transfer a record to another account. This is an idea that was discussed in the early days of WRMD but there weren’t enough accounts to justify the feature. There are now nearly 200 accounts and transferring records between them has become much more relevant.

Transferring a Record Only Requires 3 Steps:

  1. First, identify who to transfer the record to.
  2. Second, specify if the record is being transferred as a copy or for collaboration.
  3. Click Transfer Record.

Transfer Record

Transfer As a Copy Vs. Collaboration

The difference between these two is pretty simple. As the text on the screenshot above says:

“You may transfer this record to another account as a copied version or for collaboration of a shared version. The recipient account will be sent a transfer request message, allowing them to accept or deny the transfer. Transfers can not be undone.”

By default WRMD will transfer a copied version of the record to your chosen account. The two versions will have no connection to each other and any information written on one record will not be seen on the other.

If you choose to transfer a copy for collaboration, the recipient account will share a single record with you and anything recorded by either of the accounts can be seen by the other. This type of transferring a record can by helpful if, for example, you take a patient to another center for a surgery and that center needs to record that they admitted the animal. They can then write in there information on their record which will then be available on yours as well.

With either option, each accounts record will have its own case number.

Accepting the Transfer

Once the transfer request is made the recipient account will be sent a message asking them to accept or deny the request. This way accounts cant just dump their records into any another account.

Transfer request Message

After the transfer has been accepted the record will then be created in the recipient account. If the record was transferred for collaboration then both accounts will see a message on top of the record reminding them.

collaboration notice

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