WRMD 3.0: Rechecks

Another feature that WRMD 3.0 improves upon, are rechecks. In the current version of WRMD you can create a recheck for a given date and set the type/priority for that recheck. In WRMD 3.0 there is nothing new about that, except that it has new features and is managed far better.

Here’s the Rundown of the Changes to Rechecks

  1. You will be able to create multiple rechecks,
  2. you will also be able to mark a recheck as being completed,
  3. and we added a new recheck type/priority called Alert.


Multiple Rechecks

On the Continued Care screen there is a Rechecks panel like the one seen above. All you have to do is fill in the fields for the recheck(s) you want to create, and click the icon to the left of the date field. This will automatically create the recheck and add it below in a list (as seen below). Of course you can have multiple rechecks on the same day and give them different priorities. You may also update and delete rechecks as needed. To mark a recheck as being completed, just click the check box to the left of that recheck.


Recheck Alerts

You can see in the example of rechecks above, that each priority is highlighted to help distinguish related rechecks. One new recheck priority that we are adding is called Alert. This recheck behaves in all ways similar to the other rechecks, but it also causes one additional behavior. Whatever is written as the Alert recheck description, will also be displayed as an alert message at the top of the patients screen. (See the below screen shot for an example). This is a great way to create a really important recheck that especially needs to be seen.


Lastly, we still have the Rechecks page that will list all the rechecks due or are past due for the current day. Just like the rechecks show above for an individual patient, these rechecks can also be deleted, updated and marked as completed.


Over all, these changes aren’t too drastic but are really helpful. Thanks to the wonderful advice of all our users, we were able to make this a very comprehensive system. We think that this implementation of rechecks is going to be a big hit and people will love being able to set multiple rechecks and keeping track of which ones are completed.

As always, if you have any feedback, comments or ideas please send them our way! You can leave a comment bellow or send us an email at [email protected].

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