WRMD 3.0: A New Look and Feel

The very first thing to learn about WRMD 3.0 is that the application has been completely redesigned with a new look and feel. Not only does it look great but, even more exciting is that WRMD 3.0 is designed to be completely responsive to the size of your device. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are using a desktop computer, a tablet or a phone, WRMD will look and work great on any of them. In fact we have been trying to make the phone/tablet version of WRMD 3.0 feel as if it is a native application on your device.

Here Are A Few Screenshots of the New Look and Feel So Far

And Here Are the Responsive Versions


The changes in design are almost completely aesthetic in nature. It’s mostly just a re-branding of the application to look much more clean and user-friendly. We have tried very hard not to change too much so that you and your volunteers will still be familiar with where things are. However, there are a few design changes that do affect user experience, such as the main navigation moving to a new location (see below for more details). We are also going to be introducing a much better way to manage your patients enclosures and homecare records. We’ll discuss this in a future blog post but as a teaser you can see what it looks like in the above “Initial Care” pictures. What you will see is the patients identification details (we call this panel the cage card) to the left and to the right the patients current location. That means that when you go to any patients record, the first things you see right up top are Who Is This Animal and Where is It?

Improved Navigation — Here’s Everything You Need to Know:

WRMD 3.0 Record Navigation

  • The main navigation (Rescuer, Initial Care, Continued Care, …) used to be in the header. Now it’s within the records. Ta da! The purpose behind this change is to more closely relate the records with their navigation.
  • We’ve moved the Dashboard link to the side under Quick Links.
  • You can now share a record (print, email, export, transfer or duplicate) from the Share drop down menu to the right of the main navigation links.

Basically, we’ve cleaned some things up and moved a few things around to make room for some other new and exciting things. Stay tuned…

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