Wildlife Rehabilitation MD vs. the End of the Year

As the end of the year comes to a close there are certain steps that must be taken to be able to close out the year with WRMD. It is best to start in fall, that way you are not stuck doing everything the last week of December.

1. Reconcile all of your open records

  • Do a search of all the animals still pending and make sure that they are closed out completely.
  • The federal report requires that the Disposition and/or Transfer type, Disposition date and Criminal activity fields are completed. If the aniamal was transferred then the Disposition location, state are required as well.
  • For your own records double check Holding at for all non-pending animals, this should be blank.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.28.07 AM

2. Make sure that all your records for 2013 are entered. Once the new year starts you can not longer add cases to that year. Use the Quick Admit extension if necessary. The previous blog explains how to use Quick Admit.

3. For your own records it is good to export a report of all the intake numbers with their city found. Many times city names are spelt incorrectly and this will disturb your data.

4. There is a newer extension call Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Backup. This allows you to backup all the information for the year yourself. This can be on your computer, server, cd or flash drive. Will also keep all the data stored, it will not disappear, but it never hurts to have triple backups.

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