Welcome to 2014!

As promised, we just pushed an update to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD that was packed full of some very simple but also very important changes. Basically all the updates follow one theme, “streamline”. We have made fewer fields required, simplified some of the navigation, clarified some of the language and fixed a number of annoying bugs. For a complete list of all the changes visit this link

Batch Updating

One new feature that was always intended to be part of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is Batch Updating. This is perfect for those times when you have a handful of records that need to have the same information updated on each of them. To do a batch update first search for the records that need updating then click the Batch Update link on top of the List Records screen. On the Batch Update page you will need to choose the field(s) that you want to update, their values and whether or not you want to overwrite any existing value in the field(s) or just append your new value.

Accessing Your 2013 Records.

For those that still have records pending from 2013, you can access those records by two different ways. Either go to the Dashboard and change the drop down list under “Switch to a Previous Year“ to 2013 or you can search for a specific case, ex: 2013-123. You can do this search from either the Quick Search field or case number field in-between the record paging buttons.

Once you are looking at a record that IS NOT a 2014 record you will notice that some things are obnoxiously red in color. This is just to remind you that you are not working with a record from the current calendar year.

Thank You!

This past year has been amazing and inspiring for us as we have been developing Wildlife Rehabilitation MD, all thanks to you the users. Without you, we would still only be a good idea but in fact we are now a very real and strong community.

Thank you all,
— The Wild Neighbors Database Project team

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