The Privacy of Your People

New Privacy Settings For Your People

WRMD SettingsOver the past few weeks we have been asked multiple times for the ability to have a better privacy of people’s contact information. By people, we mean your rescuers, volunteers and donors. This is something that we completely agree with. Last night we pushed an update to WRMD that puts tighter restrictions on who can view your people within your account. By default only Super Admins have access to people.

In the settings area of WRMD there is a new link called People. Within that page, a Super Admin can then decide which users of your account can have what abilities with your people. The available abilities are to access people, to access a patients rescuer, to search rescuers when creating a new record, to combine people, to export people and to add new people. There are a few abilities, that require granting access to your people. For example granting a user the ability to combine people will also grant them the ability to access people.

If you wish to just grant all your users full Access to all people abilities there is a setting to that as well. Granting all your users full access to all people abilities supersedes all of the other settings.

Grant All Users Full Access to All People Abilities.
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