“take a cell and ask it specifically for that information?”

In early March I was asked to give a short introduction of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at the California Songbird Seminar at Lindsay Wildlife Museum. After the introduction many people had questions about features of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD including one women who completely humbled me with her question.

She was asking,

“Is WRMD like Excel? If we are getting a lot animals from a certain area can you take a cell and ask it specifically for that information?”

I assumed that what she was meaning to asking was, “Can you create a drop down list of common cities to choose from?” I was completely wrong. What she was asking was “Can you search for records based on what city they came from?”

I had to take a mental breath and take a step back. To me, searching for records is first nature to any database. This person reminded me just how revolutionary Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is to some organizations. It was amazing and wonderful to see her response when I showed her how you can search for records.

There are many times when I get very caught up in the daily grind. Working long hours to develop this database as well as the many other projects I am working on. It’s nice when you see somebody so pleased by such a simple thing.

– Devin Dombrowski

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