Extension of the Month: Volunteer Manager

This month our extension of the month is a br16-Volunteeringand new extension, Volunteer Manager. In short, this extension is designed to give you quick access to your volunteers contact information. Most importantly when you create a homecare record, you can select the name of the volunteer the patient is going to, and the volunteers contact information will automatically be inserted into the caregiver contact field.

How to use the Volunteer Manager Extension

When the extension is activated, a link called Volunteers can be found under quick links. Clicking this link will bring you to a page that lists all of your volunteers. Initially you may see no volunteers, because none have been added. To add a new volunteer, you can click the add new volunteer button. Fill in the volunteer contact information form and they will be added to the list. Additionally, if any of your rescuers are also volunteers you can select the Is Volunteer check-box and the they will also be added to the volunteer list.

From the volunteer list, the name of the volunteer can be clicked to see the full Contact information for that volunteer. Their contact information can also be updated. Also from the volunteer list you can select the volunteers email address to send them an email from within Wildlife Rehabilitation MD.

This extension currently does not provides users with an interface to connect to any existing volunteer databases used by your organization. In the future that capability will likely be added in but for now this is meant as a simple volunteer lookup database that integrates directly with the Husbandry Extension.