Added More Tutorial Videos

We’ve added two more tutorial videos to the Tutorial and Demos page, one on managing your account and the other about deleting a record.

Managing Your Account

Before jumping straight into your account and creating your new records, it’s a good idea to visit the settings area of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. You should check your account profile, image and veterinary information. You can also create more users for your account and assign them permission levels based on your liking.

You may also update the security features for your account as well as activate any extensions that you may wish to use. Some extensions offer settings specific to them, so after you activate an extension look for a settings link for it.

Deleting a Record

Cases in Wildlife Rehabilitation MD can not be deleted.

If you have a case that you would like to “delete”, the better option is to write a new case over the mistaken case. For example: replace the values in the fields of the mistaken case with values that match your new case. Be sure to change the species if needed.

If the mistaken case is part of a group of related records (i.e. multiple animals brought in by one rescuer) you must detach the rescuer information from the mistaken case before changing it. If you do not, all records brought in by that rescuer will be mistakenly updated.