Quick Update on Some Updates

I know we’ve been a bit quite lately but that certainly does not mean that we haven’t been doing anything. So just to keep you informed, here is a quick post about some resent updates.

Update Quick Search and Recent Patients

1. Quick Search by Current Location

You can now do a quick search by the patients current location. You can search separately on the area/room or enclosure fields or combined as its displayed on the patients record.

2. Two Recent Patients Lists

The recent patients panel on the sidebar now has two tabs. One for recently updated patients and the other for recently admitted patients.

4. Updated the Total Dispositions by Species Report

The Total Dispositions by Species report has been updated to now include the Died +24hr, Died in 24hr, Euthanized +24hr and Euthanized in 24hr dispositions. Previously these dispositions were combined in to Died and Euthanized. Because this is not an official annual report we felt it was important to separate them out.

Updated List to include multiple lists

5. Added List Categories to the List Patients Page

On the List Patients page, that typically lists all the patients paginated in groups of 20, you can now click on the LIST ALL PATIENTS header to see a drop-down list of other lists that you can view. As of right now there are only two lists available (All Records Admitted Today and All Records Updated Today) but I’m sure in the future there will be other categories. These lists will show all the matched records on one screen so that you don’t have to paginate through them.

Updated printing the rechek reports6. Simplified Printing the Recheck Report

We are often asked to allow for printing of all sorts of combinations of the recheck lists and frankly it was getting out of hand. So instead we just simplified printing the recheck list into 2 options. The first is that you now just print the currently listed rechecks. For example; if you want tomorrows clinic rechecks grouped by your patients locations then change the settings to those criteria, the displayed rechecks will update and then you can click the Print the displayed rechecks link.

Updated printing the rechek reportsSecond, we added the ability to print out each recheck group individually. For example you can now print only the Veterinarian rechecks if that’s what you want. To do so, just click the PDF icon next to the recheck group name that you want to print.

7. Datetime Custom Field

We added a datetime custom field type. This may be less exciting but it was needed. This field is just like a date field but it adds two additional fields so that you can also record the time if that’s important for you.

Things That we Are Currently Working On

There are a number of new things that were working on that were hoping to have done soon. Among them are Batch Updating, Importing and Multilingual features.

October 2015 FAQ’s

Over the past few years we have found that users often ask many of the same questions. We thought we would share some of them with you, in case they come up for you too.

How can I delete a record?

There is no way to delete records, but you can write over them with information from another case or you can void the record which then excludes it from all searches and reports. You can also Void a record by choosing “Void” in disposition. By Voiding a record you remove it from all reports and analytics.

Can I create custom fields?

Yes you can.  Custom Fields is an extension in settings that can be activated. Once it is activated you can go in and create custom fields at the top or bottom of any of the boxes in WRMD. For more information please see the Extension of the Month entry for this on the WRMD blog: http://blog.wrmd.org/extension-month-custom-fields/

Can I backup my own data?

Yes you can. WRMD Backup is an extension in settings that can be activated. Once it is activated you have 2 options for a backup. You can backup the data as an excel spreadsheet, or you can save it as a SQL file. A SQL file can only be understood through a program that can translate it for you, such as a database program. For more information please visit the Extension of the Month entry for this on the WRMD blog: http://blog.wrmd.org/extension-month-wildlife-rehabilitation-md-backup/

Can I do an “or” search?
For example, if I’m trying to search for titmouse or towhee?

Yes, you can do an “or” search but only through the Advanced Search feature. To get there click the Search link on the left then the Advanced Search button on the top of the page. On the Advanced Search screen select which field to search (in this case use “common name”) then select the operator (“contains”) and then the value you want to search for, such as titmouse. Click the Add New Row button and create a new search argument but this time the very first drop down list should changed to OR. You can add as many arguments as you need.

We keep getting kicked out of the WRMD system. It happens randomly.

What appears to be happening is that every so often the system is being used at a very high volume and at that peak point it becomes overwhelmed. This has happened a few times this summer. Along with many other changes to WRMD 3.0, there will be a completely different server organization which will allow for much more space and speed. Because of the current server configuration in WRMD 2.0 we can’t change the configuration in this version. We are aware of the problem and it is one of the main reasons we are working really hard to make sure WRMD 3.0 will be ready to go by the new year. We, are really sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully by September 1 it will stop happening.