Introducing Wildlife Rehabilitation MD

It is with great excitement that we are introducing Wildlife Rehabilitation MD.

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is a medical database designed specifically for wildlife rehabilitators in the United States and Canada to collect, manage and analyze data pertaining to their patients. Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is the result of years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation combined with website application design and development. It has been designed to allow quick data entry and excellent data mining. Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is designed specifically for wildlife rehabilitators by wildlife rehabilitators. Its creation has been championed by wildlife rehabilitation professionals including, wildlife rehabilitation veterinarians, veterinary technicians and rehabilitation managers.

Currently Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is still in BETA however it is already being well received be those that are using it. As soon as we feel that all the major bugs have been addressed, we will open Wildlife Rehabilitation MD to all rehabilitators.

If you would like to be notified when Wildlife Rehabilitation MD becomes publicly available then please visit the application page.

Our biggest struggle with Wildlife Rehabilitation MD
We are asking for a small usage fee until we can find alternative means to cover the cost of the database. Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is offered in two packages, depending on the number of cases you see per year. If you see 1,000 or less cases it is $5 per month. Over 1,000 cases is $10 per month. If you know of an organization or individual that may be willing to offset the yearly costs then not only could your fees be waived but the fees of all Wildlife Rehabilitation MD users.

Please remember that Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is created by wildlife rehabilitators just like you and we understand your financial concerns completely. We have tried very hard to keep cost as low as possible and even though we would like to offer this service for free we must pay our expenses in order to keep the service alive.

Go explore
Visit the official Wildlife Rehabilitation MD website and learn about it’s many features. Read through all the documentation and even try it out. A trial account is available for you to explore the Wildlife Rehabilitation MD service. You may log in with the following credentials

Email: [email protected]
Password: Trial123
Note: The trial account will be reset at the end of each day. Any data that you create will be erased.

On a personal note
I would like to recognize and give thanks to all the institutions that I have served and learned from. They gratefully offered their expertise and experiences to me and allowed me to learn about their record management systems. Because of their willingness to share, I was able to congregate those experiences and share them with you. I am opening this service to my colleagues so that together, we can care for our wild neighbors.

It has been a long time in the making to bring this database service to those in the wildlife rehabilitation profession.

– Devin Dombrowski
The Wild Neighbors Database Project