Wildlife Rehabilitation MD’s 2013 Year In Review

2013 was an absolutely extraordinary year for Wildlife Rehabilitation MD! Although we have existed for 4 years, Wildlife Rehabilitation MD has only been available to use for 2 years. It was important for us to spend a significant amount of time researching what information the larger wildlife rehabilitation community collects and how that information is cataloged; and that investment has paid off! In the 2 years of its use in the rehab community, Wildlife Rehabilitation MD has grown from a simple database with good intentions into a fully fledged and versatile living resource. Our ability to adapt to nearly any organizations needs have allowed us to work with facilities all over the United States. The flexibility of the database has also allowed us to connect with organizations in Canada and Belize.

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD’s 2013 Numbers

In 2013 Wildlife Rehabilitation MD admitted just over 32,000 cases from 14 very active organizations. To put that in perspective, in 2012 we admitted 4969 from 2 organizations. In truth we admitted nearly 150,000 records if you include all the imported records from previous years. To date there are 65 organizations registered in Wildlife Rehabilitation MD, many of which signed up in the last 2 months of 2013. As for the actual usage of the wrmd.org web application, we served over 800,000 page views to 2,500 unique visitors! That is extraordinary. The wildlife rehabilitation community is a very niche community and to serve so many of us is an absolute honor.

Top Highlights From 2013

  • Established the parent organization, The Wild Neighbors Database Project, as a nonprofit organization tasked with managing Wildlife Rehabilitation MD.
  • Endorsed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Completed a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign that ultimately generated over $6000.
  • Upgraded to version 2.0, which included significant enhancements and 140% speed increase.
  • Moved to a much more powerful and secure server.
  • Presented Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at three symposiums: CCWR, IWRC and NWRA.
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is now being used in three countries: United States, Canada and Belize.

Total Cases Admitted per Week in 2013

Total Cases Admitted per Week in 2013

Sincere Thank You

This may be becoming old, but we could never stop saying it, Thank You! Our success and growth are because of the contributions of our users. We have been blessed with their great ideas for improvements as well as financial assistance. Nearly each day we receive a message from a user with a great suggestion or question. We are here to try and make hard working, underpaid wildlife rehabilitators lives just a little easier.

WRMD T-shirts Soft Off the Press!

A few weeks ago we ordered a few dozen Wildlife Rehabilitation MD T-shirts to be used for promotional and fundraising purposes. Well, they just came in and they look beautiful! They are made from 100% organic cotton and are “Earth Ocean” in color. Our famous worm logo is featured in front with the slogan “Get WRMD” underneath. On the back it reads “Wildlife Rehabilitation MD – Sharing our experiences to save more lives.” We have the T-shirts in many sizes in both men’s and women’s cuts.

Many of the backers for our Kickstarter campaign requested a T-shirt as a reward for their contribution. Those T-shirts and all the other rewards will be sent out shortly once we know all the sizes that are needed. Special thank you to Sonia Lub for beautifully modeling the shirt.

If you would like a Wildlife Rehabilitation MD T-shirt and did not ask for one during our Kickstarter campaign, they are available for a $25 (or over) donation.

WRMD T-shirt - Front
WRMD T-shirt – Front
WRMD T-shirt - Back
WRMD T-shirt – Back

24 Hours Remaining on our Kickstarter Campaign

[iframe src=”http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wrmd/wildlife-rehabilitation-md/widget/card.html” width=”220″ height=”380″]

As we are nearing the end of our Kickstarter campaign we want to take this opportunity to yet again thank everybody for their support. Without you, we would never be able to make the great progress that we are doing now. Together, we are laying the foundation for an application that will benefit rehabbers, the wildlife they care for and future wildlife across the planet for years to come.

There are 24 hours remaining on our Kickstarter campaign. After the campaign has officially ended we will begin the process of improving the security and integrity of the database. Just this one “simple” upgrade will give Wildlife Rehbilitation MD the strength it deserves to become a fully fledged* web application, in a faster and more secure hosting service. This service will also distribute Wildlife Rehabilitation MD across multiple servers that will enable it to “stay up” if one server were to fail or go down temporarily. It will also be able to scale up according to increased web traffic conditions. These conditions are a strong possibility over time as we grow* and connect with more rehabbers.

* Yes this is a pun. Wildlife Rehbilitation MD will fledge and grow into a powerful hosting environment just like a bird fledges from a nest and grows into an adult.

We are also going to begin the development of a few other features. Fortunately these features are not as intensive in development as the server relocation. The upgrades will be rolled out over the next calendar year, likely starting after August. Summer is the busiest time for wildlife rehabilitators so it is important that we leave the database in a stable state during the busy summer months and release the updates during the fall and winter. At which time, the database will be fully released to all wildlife rehabilitators.

To be Developed

  • Enhance the analytics to help highlight early warning signs that may predict epidemics.
  • Teach the database which species are native to which states.
  • Group species into their lay categories (raptor, songbird, carnivore, …).
  • Create the ability to transfer a record from one account to another.
  • Provide even better online support for new and existing accounts.

It can never be said too many times, thank you all for your generosity in supporting Wildlife Rehabilitation MD!

We did it! $5,000 in 10 days!

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

We did it! $5,000 in 10 days! Thank you so much to everyone who supported this campaign! Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is more than just a necessary medical database—it is a dream come true. We have been envisioning and planning it for many years and now we are seeing it become a reality. Your support means so much to us.

So what happens next? Let’s take Wildlife Rehabilitation MD international!

The need is rapidly increasing for wildlife hospitals in the United States and worldwide to establish and maintain electronic record keeping, to allow consistent reporting and make data accessible for local, national and international analysis. Wildlife patient databases in multiple nations can streamline and improve wildlife care regionally, and help provide early warning internationally—to wildlife and human health agencies—of the onset or potential for disease epidemics.

There are still 20 days left in the Kickstarter campaign. While we have hit our target goal, we want to keep up the momentum. Wildlife rehabilitation is an international profession and Wildlife Rehabilitation MD can be part of this critical work around the world. We already have interest from Canada, Belize and Australia, but in order to support efforts in these and other countries, Wildlife Rehabilitation MD needs new, internationally focused development.

Help us raise another $2500 dollars to make that a possibility.

What needs to be done next to internationalize Wildlife Rehabilitation MD:

  • Add species from around the world to the database and categorize them according to their regions.
  • Identify international and country-specific agency rehabilitation requirements and create a mechanism for required year-end reports.
  • Add countries and territories from around the world to the database.
  • Work with wildlife rehabilitation professionals from different countries and multi-national agencies to expand and refine the database, so it can be used in any single nation or jointly by collaborating nations.
  • And the big one—develop multilingual components and support networks.

These goals can be reached with your help. Thank you for your dedication to wildlife and support of this vital project.

– Devin Dombrowski and Rachel Avilla

Testimonial Videos


In preparing for our Kickstarter campaign we asked a few of the users to record quick testimonials about how Wildlife Rehabilitation MD has benefited them and their organizations. Just because we liked them so much we thought we would share them with you in there full length glory.

Veterinarian Shannon Riggs of Pacific Wildlife Care

Monte Merrick of Bird Ally X

Monte Merrick, our on-the-spot cinematographer
Monte Merrick, our on-the-spot cinematographer

!! Kickstarter Campaign is Over 75% Funded !!


We can’t believe it! We have 24 days remaining and the Kickstarter campaign is already over 75% funded. There is no good way to thank all the supporters in a blog posting but for what it’s worth THANK YOU! You truly are making a dream come true.

All that said, we are only 75% there. If we don’t make it to at least 100% funding then we won’t receive any of the contributions. Please continue to help us meet this goal by sharing the Kickstarter link, http://kck.st/15tGhsq, with your friends and colleagues. We have just over 20 days left to meet our goal. Every contribution counts, no matter what the dollar amount.

Over $2000 in 2 days!


What a wonderful and fantastic start! Thank you so much to those who have already supported this Kickstarter campaign. This is a project that Rachel and I, with the help of some friends, have spent years working on together and are so happy to bring it to the wildlife rehab community. Your support is making that a reality for us.

Now we are working to meet the $5,000 goal within the next 28 days. Spread the word to your family and friends and colleagues.


– Devin

Kickstarter Campaign Video


Fund the campaign

This is the video used in our Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000. It might be a bit corny but it is sincere. Thank you so much to Monty Merrick and Shannon Riggs for their testimonials! Also a big thank you to Rafiki the eclectus parrot for saying “bye bye” at just the right moment.

We’re Live on Kickstarter!


Just today we launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 to help fund the development of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. $5,000 may seem like a tiny amount when you think about how much money a large company will invest into their software, but to us it will make the difference. There is an amazing amount of excitement and anticipation for Wildlife Rehabilitation MD and to truly make this database exceptional, we need everybody’s support (including yours). Help us reach our goal so that we can help Wildlife Rehabilitators across North America and together we can benefit the entire wildlife rehabilitation community and the animals we’ll care for in the future.

Go To Our Kickstarter Campaign

In Order to Take this Database to the Next Level we are Planning to:

  • Improve the security and integrity of the database.
  • Enhance the analytics to help highlight early warning signs that may predict epidemics.
  • Teach the database which species are native to which states.
  • Group species into their lay categories (raptor, songbird, carnivore, …). This simple update will create new opportunities for Wildlife Rehabilitation MD.
  • Create the ability to transfer a record from one account to another.
  • Provide even better online support for new and existing accounts.

What is Kickstarter?

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