Donor Report

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.07.53 PMYou can now finally export all Donor information. We understand how important donors are to our wildlife rehabilitation community. Without them our community would have a hard time operating.

With the Donor export feature, all information recorded with a Donor can be exported to a spreadsheet. From there, users can organize and search Donors however they like.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.08.44 PM

Now, keep in mind that each time you export Donors you will export all Donors. We are not likely to create any special reports for Donors within WRMD’s software. This is why…

As important as the “People” aspect is in our line of work is, WRMD needs to stay a manageable software, not only for our users but for WRMD’s staff and volunteers.  We have had experience with “People” organizing software. These programs, all by themselves, are as large and even more complicated in some cases then WRMD. So, in the spirit of sustainability, WRMD recognizes that it can only do the basics of “People” organizing software.

Our focus and specialty is in the wildlife patients not on organization operations. So, that is where we think we need to put our time, resources and creativity. With that said there are a few common operational characteristics associated with our community, and those needs, we do want to address.