See You at CCWR 2014 this Weekend!

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Workshop at CCWR 2014

Tomorrow (Friday, Nov 7) will be be hosting a WRMD Workshop at 3:30 at the 20th Annual CCWR Symposium at the beautiful Squaw Creek Resort in Olympic Valley, North Lake Tahoe. We’ll be sharing with you what we have been up to for the past year and all the progress that WRMD has had. We also want to discuss some proposed changes and get your feedback and thoughts about some of the ideas being floated around.

This workshop is all about you and your ideas. We have received some very helpful feedback over the year and we want to discuss those ideas with the group to get a larger consensus on them. We will also have some time to answer your questions and demo some of the features of WRMD that you may not have known about. Bring your laptop or tablet so that you can follow along with us.

We will also have a booth in the exhibitors hall, so please come and visit with us if you are not able to attend our workshop. We’ll be there all weekend to meet with you and answer your questions.

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD’s 2013 Year In Review

2013 was an absolutely extraordinary year for Wildlife Rehabilitation MD! Although we have existed for 4 years, Wildlife Rehabilitation MD has only been available to use for 2 years. It was important for us to spend a significant amount of time researching what information the larger wildlife rehabilitation community collects and how that information is cataloged; and that investment has paid off! In the 2 years of its use in the rehab community, Wildlife Rehabilitation MD has grown from a simple database with good intentions into a fully fledged and versatile living resource. Our ability to adapt to nearly any organizations needs have allowed us to work with facilities all over the United States. The flexibility of the database has also allowed us to connect with organizations in Canada and Belize.

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD’s 2013 Numbers

In 2013 Wildlife Rehabilitation MD admitted just over 32,000 cases from 14 very active organizations. To put that in perspective, in 2012 we admitted 4969 from 2 organizations. In truth we admitted nearly 150,000 records if you include all the imported records from previous years. To date there are 65 organizations registered in Wildlife Rehabilitation MD, many of which signed up in the last 2 months of 2013. As for the actual usage of the web application, we served over 800,000 page views to 2,500 unique visitors! That is extraordinary. The wildlife rehabilitation community is a very niche community and to serve so many of us is an absolute honor.

Top Highlights From 2013

  • Established the parent organization, The Wild Neighbors Database Project, as a nonprofit organization tasked with managing Wildlife Rehabilitation MD.
  • Endorsed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Completed a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign that ultimately generated over $6000.
  • Upgraded to version 2.0, which included significant enhancements and 140% speed increase.
  • Moved to a much more powerful and secure server.
  • Presented Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at three symposiums: CCWR, IWRC and NWRA.
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is now being used in three countries: United States, Canada and Belize.

Total Cases Admitted per Week in 2013

Total Cases Admitted per Week in 2013

Sincere Thank You

This may be becoming old, but we could never stop saying it, Thank You! Our success and growth are because of the contributions of our users. We have been blessed with their great ideas for improvements as well as financial assistance. Nearly each day we receive a message from a user with a great suggestion or question. We are here to try and make hard working, underpaid wildlife rehabilitators lives just a little easier.

Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at CCWR 2013

This is an hour long introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) symposium on November 16, 2013. Being only an hour long we had to rush things a bit but we got a lot covered and had some great questions asked. There were many questions concerning sub-permittee/satellite rehabilitators. The basic question from them was, is there a way to use Wildlife Rehabilitation MD with only the animals that they are caring for? Their needs are greater than just an average homecare volunteer because they are acting as if they are a full fledged/permitted rehabilitation clinic. Our biggest concern is with ensuring that individual animals are not duplicated through the entire database between the sub-permittee and their permitted affiliate organization. We are currently investigating ways to resolve this dilemma and trying to keep things simple and easy for all.

Endorsement by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Devin Dombrowski, Nicole Carion and Rachel AvillaOn Saturday November 16th, at the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) symposium, Nicole Carion of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CADFW) gave a glorifying endorsement of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at the opening keynote presentation.

Because of her endorsement, the attention and enthusiasm at the symposium was very positive and numerous organizations have shown interest and are preparing to start the new year using Wildlife Rehabilitation MD.

Over the past few months we have been in discussion with Nicole about how WRMD is benefiting the state of California. It’s a bit premature to say, but we are nearly able to say for the first time in the states history, how many animals were cared for in the proceeding year, in real time.

Not only is she is excited by the prospect of receiving the annual reports more timely, but also by the potential of a single data source aggregating the states data and highlighting patterns. The state will soon be able to recognize mortality events, a rise in migratory species and many other previously undetectable wildlife trends.

We are honored by Nicole’s and the Department’s support.

Thank you once again to Nicole Carion and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife!

Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at CCWR 2013

ccwrThe Wild Neighbors Database Project team will be presenting Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at this years California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators Symposium. The symposium is at the Hilton Hotel in Orange County/Costa Mesa on November 15th – 17th.

Our presentation will be on November 16 at 2:40 in the Pacific Ballroom I. Sign up soon to see us there!

2013 California Songbird Seminar

Today was the 2013 California Songbird Seminar, a four-hour gathering of wildlife rehabilitators from all over the state to discuss matters relevant to songbird care.  Rachel Avilla, Veronica Bowers, Patrick Hogan and Shannon Riggs, DVM each spoke, sharing important information. At the end of the seminar we were asked to give a quick demo of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. As usual there were great questions and plenty of people who wanted to chat afterwards. Check out the video! This event was graciously hosted by Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

2012, Year End Review

What an amazing year for Wildlife Rehabilitation MD! So many things happened this year that I’m not sure that I can remember them all to list. In summary,  Wildlife Rehabilitation MD BETA was silently released into the wild and a few wildlife rehabilitation centers were invited to use it. Thanks to their patients and dedication to the cause, Wildlife Rehabilitation MD evolved from a great idea into a great database. The year also included hundreds of improvements and tweaks to improve the user’s experience as well as offer better ways to catalog the data. We also formally introduced the database at CCWR announcing that Wildlife Rehabilitation MD would be official available to all wildlife rehabilitators FOR FREE. Since then the anticipation of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD has grown exponentially. We are very excited to be entering 2013 with such a strong database to offer to the wildlife rehabilitation community.

Special Thank You to:

  • Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife
  • Bird Ally X

2012 Year End Stats

  • 4,095 cases created.
  • Top 10 species seen:
    418   ::  Opossum, Virginia
    400   ::  Pelican, Brown
    282   ::  Cormorant, Double-crested
    280   ::  Squirrel, Eastern Gray
    270   ::  Raccoon, Northern
    237   ::  Dove, Mourning
    192   ::  Cottontail, Eastern
    167   ::  Mockingbird, Northern
    86    ::  Grackle, Common
    73    ::  Gull, Laughing

Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at CCWR 2012

Devin just delivered an exciting introductory presentation of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) symposium in Tanya Lodge Yosemite to audience of over 150 attendees. Very Exciting! The database was very well received and the audience had some great questions as well. Most of which could be easily answered by showing off another part of the database. Afterwards many people came to Devin asking how they can be involved and offered their help as well. Since that presentation 5 more accounts have registered into Wildlife Rehabilitation MD and are gearing up for 2013!

This demo begins with a 15 minute keynote on the state of record keeping in wildlife rehabilitation. We then demo Wildlife Rehabilitation MD followed by a question / answer segment. There was an issue with the microphone sound quality so apologies for that.

Download the presentation notes.