Multi-Year Search

Multi-Year Search is Now Available!

This past weekend we released another update that has been on the to-do list for a long time. The ability to search for records across multiple years. To do this, go to the Search page and you will now see two new fields at the top of the screen. These new fields allow you to set the date range to search within. By default the fields will be from January 1st of the current year until the current date. You may of course change this to search within a more narrow time period or open it up to search across multiple years.

Date Admitted Range

Now you have the ability to search for answer that you may ask yourself commonly such as “What are all the cases that are still in care?” To do this you can change the dates to the earliest year you started until the current date and change the disposition field to Pending.

One Important Note

If you have many years in your database and you do a search for records across multiple years that may return many thousands of records, your search results will take longer to compile. Please be patient, they won’t take too long to arrive but the database needs a few moments to compile your results.

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