Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at CCWR 2013

This is an hour long introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) symposium on November 16, 2013. Being only an hour long we had to rush things a bit but we got a lot covered and had some great questions asked. There were many questions concerning sub-permittee/satellite rehabilitators. The basic question from them was, is there a way to use Wildlife Rehabilitation MD with only the animals that they are caring for? Their needs are greater than just an average homecare volunteer because they are acting as if they are a full fledged/permitted rehabilitation clinic. Our biggest concern is with ensuring that individual animals are not duplicated through the entire database between the sub-permittee and their permitted affiliate organization. We are currently investigating ways to resolve this dilemma and trying to keep things simple and easy for all.

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