Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at CCWR 2012

Devin just delivered an exciting introductory presentation of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) symposium in Tanya Lodge Yosemite to audience of over 150 attendees. Very Exciting! The database was very well received and the audience had some great questions as well. Most of which could be easily answered by showing off another part of the database. Afterwards many people came to Devin asking how they can be involved and offered their help as well. Since that presentation 5 more accounts have registered into Wildlife Rehabilitation MD and are gearing up for 2013!

This demo begins with a 15 minute keynote on the state of record keeping in wildlife rehabilitation. We then demo Wildlife Rehabilitation MD followed by a question / answer segment. There was an issue with the microphone sound quality so apologies for that.

Download the presentation notes.

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