Introducing Our “Brand” New Website

As you can see right before your eyes, we’ve just released a brand new re-branded Wildlife Rehabilitation MD website, which we’ve been working hard on for the last couple months. It’s much more than a (badly needed) redesign; it’s also a re-organization of the important information such as the Wildlife Rehabilitation MD’s features and a new help section with a growing library of help articles. We’ve also added a new section highlighting all of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD’s Extensions and a new page showing which annual reports Wildlife Rehabilitation MD can currently create.

This re-branding also includes simplified log in and registration pages. The previous log in and registration pages were much to busy and complicated for something as ordinary as “walking through the front door”.

The new brand and layouts were designed by the lovely and talented Eugénie Riberi. Without her, this badly needed upgrade probably would not have been possible (or at least would have taken a lot longer to get done). Eugénie is not only volunteering her time with Wildlife Rehabilitation MD, but she is also a wildlife rehabilitator! She is a volunteer and past intern at Lindsay Wildlife Museum. Thank You Eugénie!

Since we’re also human, we couldn’t quite get everything done on time, and we’ll be continuing to update a few things over the next few weeks. If you have feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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