Important Reminder to All Accounts.

Make sure that all your records for 2013 are admitted before the end of the year. Once 2014 starts you can no longer add cases to 2013. Use the Quick Admit extension if necessary to help speed up the process if you are far behind.

Also, once your records are admitted, remember to reconcile all of your open records before submitting your federal and state annual reports.

  1. Do a search for all the patients still pending and make sure that they are closed out completely (correct disposition, disposition location and disposition date).
  2. The US federal annual report requires the Disposition and/or Transfer type, Disposition date and Criminal activity fields are completed. If it was a transfer the Disposition Location and State are required as well.
  3. On the US federal annual report the column “Nature of Injury” can be filled out by filling in the Master Problem field in WRMD. (This field is going to change names to Nature of Injury in 2014).

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.28.07 AM

For your own information, it is also a good idea to clean up your data. For example, city names may be spelt incorrectly or patients may still be listed as holding at your clinic when they are in-fact already dispositioned. You should try and make sure that all your released and transferred patients have a disposition location and date as well.

Congratulations on (almost) finishing the year! We hope that things went well for you, whether this was your first year using Wildlife Rehabilitation MD or not. For us it was a fantastic year getting to meet and learn from so many great rehabilitators. Because of all of you, we once again have made some great changes to the database and can look forward to an even better new year.

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