Heartbleed Bug, What You Need To Know

heartbleedYou may have already heard about the internet security Heartbleed Bug that is making big news at the moment. To spare you the details and to just get to what the bug is; websites that have an S in the https://… part of the url are supposed transmit your data securely. As it turns out, many were not. This was not because of their malicious intent but simply a programing error in the protocol that makes the S do it’s job.

As you can see, https://wrmd.org has the S in it because we want(ed) your data to be transmitted securely. Fortunately the fix to the Heartbleed Bug is very simple. The software that implements the security just needs to be upgraded. We have already made this change on our servers and https://wrmd.org is no longer effected by this bug.

As for the other 958,919,788 websites out there in the world all you can do is hope they update their software as well. It is reasonable to believe that all the major online companies will very soon or have done so already.

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