First Fall Road Trip

IMG_0673Last weekend Devin and I set out for a Wildlife Rehabilitation MD road trip. Our goal was to visit a hand full of centers and see how things were going. Since this is the first year that we have several accounts we wanted to get feedback on WRMD. Our first stop was The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. They have been actively using WRMD for the past year. We met with 3 of their staff members for at least 3 hours. They had some really great feedback and had discovered a few bugs in the program. Thanks to them we now have a conclusion field in the necropsy extensions. We also started a conversation on a new way to work with enclosure and enclosure history fields.

The next place we visited was Monterey SPCA. They have been admitting this years records to be able to generate the year end report. They plan to start using WRMD much more actively on January 1st 2014. In October we are going to visit them again to train their staff on how to use WRMD and how to best integrate it into their facility.

Our last stop was Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay. We met with their board president, director of operations and their veterinarian. They have been actively using WRMD for a year. They suggested new and more specific analytics measurements that they could then use in their communications to their members and the public. We also discussed the possibility for a medication calculator to help with calculating prescriptions.

All in all it was a wonderful trip. We received great feedback that will help us improve Wildlife Rehabilitation MD for current and future user’s.

If you would like to meet with us to discuss the program let us know, we might just be in your area soon!

Rachel Avilla
Co-founder and Outreach Coordinator

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