Extension of the Month: Custom Fields

One of the hardest requests we receive has been about custom fields. We can’t create a field for all the different types of information that centers record. We can only extensively generalize what most rehabilitation facilities will need. This is why Custom Fields was created. Sometimes there is something that you have to record regularly and it is a necessity.

About the Custom Fields Extension
Custom fields are used when you have something that you would like to record, but Wildlife Rehabilitation MD does not offer the appropriate field. You can add in your own custom field at the top or the bottom of any box. For example, if you have a special identification number that your local Animal Services department uses and you need to record that number you could use Custom Fields to add a input field to the top or bottom of the Identity box called “Animal Services ID#”.

Before using the Custom Fields extension, keep in mind that creating a custom field just for the simplicity of creating one may not be the best solution for your needs. If you plan to use your custom field on a regular basis then clearly it was a good and useful decision to add it in. However we strongly encourage you to use the fields available in Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. By doing so, your data is following the same standards as other Wildlife Rehabilitation MD accounts and will ensure consistency of data collected on each patient. If there is data that you need to record but no appropriate field exists, we suggest that you keep that data in the “continued treatment” field.

How to use the Custom Fields Extension
When the Custom fields extension is activated, a settings link will appear on the left sidebar within the settings section. Select Manage Custom Fields. Choose the tab for the box that you wish to add a field into. Using the “Animal Services ID#” example above, you would select Identity. Then select Add Identity Field. The location of the new field will either be on the top or bottom of the existing native fields. You can not add a field in between existing fields. Fill in the field label and choose the field type.

Field Types
Short text field A short text field that allows any type of value.
Long text field A long text field that allows any type of value.
Date field A text field that only allows dates as values.
Number field A text field that only allows numbers as values.
Select list A drop down pick list of options you specify. If you choose a select list then must add the options for that list in the Options field.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 6.51.44 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-31 at 6.52.32 PM

Lastly specify any validation rules that you want to apply to your new field. For example you could make the new field required.

If you need to edit or delete a custom field, click on the circle arrow icon to edit it or the trash can icon to delete it.


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