Bugs, Fixes and Features

We wanted to give some insight into how we receive and act on the comments and suggestions you send to us. To get in touch with us, I know that many of our users use the In-WRMD messaging system and some prefer email.  All of the messages go to the same place, so please use whatever works for you. It is our goal to answer every message within 24 hours, so if you do not receive some sort of reply in less then 48 hrs, please feel free to message us again.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.28.33 PMThe bulk of our correspondence is question based. We are usually able to respond to most questions fairly quickly. Some questions may take a little time and research before we can answer. Currently we are in the process of redeveloping our Help Section which we hope to make more useful. Most of the common questions we get asked can be found in our FAQ’s, tutorials or in our Blog.

Much of the other correspondence we receive is related to “something went wrong” and “how do I fix it?”  In these cases, we need to ask for exact details. While troubleshooting the issue, we try to recreate the event so that we can determine whether we need to fix something or if it could have been user error. In the case that it is an issue with WRMD, we will fix it, but first we prioritize it. We prioritize generally on the ease of the fix,  then on the vitalness of the item that needs to get fixed.

It works like this: a bug that is not allowing you to print a record or duplicate a record, we make a high priority. If the bug is an inconvenience that can be lived with for awhile then it will be prioritized and fixed as soon as we are able.

Another type of inquiry we get is about requests for new features. A new feature is an add-on to the program, such as a new report or an idea for an additional extension. Features are usually added when all the bugs are fixed. An appropriate field that has been asked for many times and or just seems like a good idea will be developed more quickly. If it is a neat idea but will take a lot of work, well… that may not get done within 6 months to a year, at least this year due to WRMD 3.0 still getting off the ground.

We value all of your comments, and take all of your comments seriously. The most difficult part for us is notifying you when your issue or suggestions has been completed. While we do tryScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.24.54 PM to notify individuals, it does not happen all the time. The best option is to keep checking every once in awhile to see if it has been done. Generally in Blogs, we try to notify everybody of minor changes and additions to WRMD, but sometimes we miss something.

Most recent updates:

  1. Important: When you transfer animals the system is currently sending 3 messages out for one patient. We are working on this but it is still happening. So, be very careful when you accept patients and don’t accept the same patient number more then once. We will try to resolve this ASAP!
  2. Time is now being printed on the Treatment Log
  3. Fixed and fixing the formatting when Paper Forms are printed
  4. We are test driving a Prescriptions Due Today by Location report
  5. Thrombocytes were added to CBC’s in the Lab extension
  6. Intracardiac was added to Prescription Route

Note: Keep in mind every time we add something new it might itself be slightly buggy. You are our eyes in WRMD and we rely on you guys, our community, to tell us when something needs to get fixed.

On our list of things to do (not exactly prioritized):

  1. Finalizing Import: working out all the kinks, we do not want to screw this upScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.43.29 PM
  2. Batch Update: as important as this is, it is a huge amount of work, so we are getting there
  3. Print Custom Fields
  4. Search Lab Values
  5. Print out a Necropsy Report
  6. Donation amount to be exported when you export Donors
  7. Multiple Autocomplete phrases in one field
  8. In “People” Rescuers need to have their patient #’s associated with them

Discussions we have had and decided against changing:

  1. When and animal is Dispositioned out of pending it will still show up on Rechecks: Yes it will do this because many times carcasses have rechecks, if we defaulted to no rechecks for non-pending you could never have a recheck on a carcass. Just end the recheck if needed.
  2. Notes about rescuer always repopulate when you choose an existing rescuer: Yes it will do this because these are notes about that person not about anything that has to do with the patient or its release. With that said, we do agree we need to have a better way to identify rescuers that want to be part of release, it should not go in Notes though.

That’s about it for now! Thanks for your support!


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