Bringing in the New Year Together

Happy New Year! Thanks to everybody for being patient with us while we bring in the new year with a faster, smarter and completely redesigned database. I want to thank everybody that has contributed to finding the bugs and issues that we could not find during our tests.
It was so wonderful seeing all the communication amongst the community. As you can see we do have a more open forum type space where users can talk to one another. We consider WRMD a community project we just manage it.
Last night, Jan 1st we fixed most of the issues identified that day. Tonight, Jan 2nd we will fix most of the issues found today so that we do not disturb everybody’s work. ¬†There are a few issues that have come up that are taking a little more time to fix, but hopefully we will have everything back on track in the next few days.
Thank you all for your help and patience! We are extremely appreciative!

2 thoughts on “Bringing in the New Year Together

  1. You guys have done a great job! The response time is really good and the screens are really clean. Just a few items I have noticed.

    When entering final dispositions, the disposition date calendar pops up partially obscured by the Recheck section boxes.

    Reports to CA Fish and Wildlife and US Fish and Wildlife still don’t have section totals

    The Total Cases by City Found Report seems to be missing.

    1. Hi Paula,
      Were adding the total number of mammals and reptiles received to the he CA annual report right now. It should be available to you (and everybody else in California) by the end of today.

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