Better Management of Rescuers

We’ve just released a significant update that is designed to help manage your rescues. This was something that was meant to be part of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD from the beginning however it just kept slipping through the cracks. Basically there are two major parts to this update.

1. You can now reuse existing rescuers when creating a new record.

2. You can reconcile multiple rescuers into one. You may have rescuers in your database that have brought in multiple animals, however those rescuers have been entered into the database more than once. To keep a better history and analytics of what animals a rescuer has brought in, it’s a good idea to match them up and eliminate duplication.

For a complete explanation of how to do all this you can watch this tutorial video.

We think that all the bugs have been worked out but of course if you find any then let us know by sending some feedback. Some accounts have waited a while (and patiently) for this update. Enjoy!

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