Banding & Morphometrics

Introducing Banding & Morphometrics

We’ve just released a new extension for Banding & Morphometrics data to be recorded in WRMD. The data fields are compatible with the USGS North American Bird Banding Program – Bird Banding Laboratory and Bandit 4.0.

There are two panels on the Banding & Morphometrics page; one for banding and the other for morphometrics. In the banding panel you can record all the required fields for for the North American Bird Banding Program as well as a few others that are common for wildlife rehabilitators. You can also include recapture data if the bird you are treating already has a BBL band.

Banding Details

In the morphometrics panel you can record all the most common measurements of specific parts and the weights for your bird patients. You can also indicate what samples (if any) were collected at the time of taking the measurements.


This extension was built with the help and feedback of many of our users but we especially wanted to thank¬†Save our Shearwater’s of Kauai, Hawaii Wildlife Center, and the Teton Raptor Center in Wyoming. We love your feedback so if you have anything to share, please do!

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