Announcing WRMD 3.0!

Red_Coming_Soon_StampWildlife Rehabilitation MD is now being used by over 180 organizations in 8 different countries and at the risk of gloating, we are so excited and proud of what we have created. Since releasing Wildlife Rehabilitation MD just a few years ago, we have tried to develop it to meet the record keeping challenges that wildlife rehabilitators face each day (and believe us when we say it, we have seen some very bizarre and unique challenges). Although we have received some great feedback and praise, there are still some bugs and design flaws that the current version is facing.

Today we are officially announcing WRMD 3.0! This new version is still under development but it is far enough along that we want to start sharing it with you and getting your feedback. Over the next few months please watch for more articles about WRMD 3.0 and how it’s developing. This new version isn’t drastically different from the current version but some changes are distinct enough that we want to prepare you.

The scheduled release of WRMD 3.0 isn’t until the end of this year. This partly because its still under development but also because we don’t want to spring this big change on you during the busy summer and we want to give everybody a chance to give feedback.

A Brief Preview of WRMD 3.0

Completely Redesigned

WRMD 3.0 is completely redesigned and looks so much more professional. Coinciding with the new design, we have also developed it to work much better on phones and tablets. When using WRMD 3.0 on a phone or tablet you actually feel like you are using a native application installed on your device.

This design has been built to mimic the current layout of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD so that you will still be familiar with how to navigate around, however a few things have moved. For example the Rescuer, Initial Care and Continued Care links will now be within the current record instead of outside the record in the header of the screen.

Developed For Speed

The speed and responsiveness of WRMD 3.0 is vastly improved over the current version. Without getting too nerdy we’ll just say that the actual database and database queries have been completely refactored to handle the growing demand. Also, the framework that drives WRMD 3.0 is highly optimized for speed and performance. On top of that we will be moving to different serves that scale much better as demands increase.

Just to give a perspective, when Wildlife Rehabilitation MD was first introduced it was receiving on average 170 requests/page views per day. It is now receiving over 7,760. As the number of requests increase the necessity of a scalable and fast framework and servers becomes even more necessary.

New Features

We’ll discuss all these in future blog articles but to give a short preview of some of the features/changes we’ll be including in WRMD 3.0.

  1. Redesigned interface.
  2. Ability to transfer records from one account to another.
  3. Better Location and Home Care management.
  4. A Forum for all accounts to ask questions and send answers.
  5. Significantly better custom fields for searching and exporting.
  6. Re-designed reports.
  7. Tested for long term reliability.
  8. Multiple common names for each species.

Give us Your Feedback!

Now we need you and your users feedback. Please take a few moments to share with us what new features or nagging issues would you like to see changed in WRMD 3.0?

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