A Flood of Updates

Well it feels like a flood of updates anyway. Over the past month there have been many updates and tweaks to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD that have pretty much all been suggestions from users. These were all great ideas that have helped to vastly improve the user experience as well as the integrity of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD, two VERY important qualities that we are always thinking about. Below are two of the most significant updates. Both have huge implications to the future of the database.

Continued Treatment

There is one significant change on the Continued Care screen, specifically in the Continued Treatment field. As the Continued Treatment field is where you record ongoing care for the animal, the data that is written in here should also be protected. So the new way this field works is that each time you write in you notes and press submit, the database will keep a log of that entry. Each log entry will also be time stamped. Be default entries can not be edit or deleted once created. This is a legal matter. However there is also a reality matter as well so editing and deleting can be turned on by a Super Admin in the Settings -> Input field settings screen if you choose.

Temporarily Remove Form Validation

This is for the times that you need to quickly add some information to a record but don’t have all the data for the required fields. You can fill out as much of the form as you can, select “Temporarily remove form validation” and press Update. Once the form is submitted the form validation returns. We really want to encourage everybody to collect as much data as possible but we also realize that the data is not always available. Enjoy!

For a more thorough list of updates and changes, visit the Updates page.

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