WRMD T-shirts Soft Off the Press!

A few weeks ago we ordered a few dozen Wildlife Rehabilitation MD T-shirts to be used for promotional and fundraising purposes. Well, they just came in and they look beautiful! They are made from 100% organic cotton and are “Earth Ocean” in color. Our famous worm logo is featured in front with the slogan “Get WRMD” underneath. On the back it reads “Wildlife Rehabilitation MD – Sharing our experiences to save more lives.” We have the T-shirts in many sizes in both men’s and women’s cuts.

Many of the backers for our Kickstarter campaign requested a T-shirt as a reward for their contribution. Those T-shirts and all the other rewards will be sent out shortly once we know all the sizes that are needed. Special thank you to Sonia Lub for beautifully modeling the shirt.

If you would like a Wildlife Rehabilitation MD T-shirt and did not ask for one during our Kickstarter campaign, they are available for a $25 (or over) donation.

WRMD T-shirt - Front
WRMD T-shirt – Front
WRMD T-shirt - Back
WRMD T-shirt – Back

“take a cell and ask it specifically for that information?”

In early March I was asked to give a short introduction of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD at the California Songbird Seminar at Lindsay Wildlife Museum. After the introduction many people had questions about features of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD including one women who completely humbled me with her question.

She was asking,

“Is WRMD like Excel? If we are getting a lot animals from a certain area can you take a cell and ask it specifically for that information?”

I assumed that what she was meaning to asking was, “Can you create a drop down list of common cities to choose from?” I was completely wrong. What she was asking was “Can you search for records based on what city they came from?”

I had to take a mental breath and take a step back. To me, searching for records is first nature to any database. This person reminded me just how revolutionary Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is to some organizations. It was amazing and wonderful to see her response when I showed her how you can search for records.

There are many times when I get very caught up in the daily grind. Working long hours to develop this database as well as the many other projects I am working on. It’s nice when you see somebody so pleased by such a simple thing.

– Devin Dombrowski

24 Hours Remaining on our Kickstarter Campaign

[iframe src=”http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wrmd/wildlife-rehabilitation-md/widget/card.html” width=”220″ height=”380″]

As we are nearing the end of our Kickstarter campaign we want to take this opportunity to yet again thank everybody for their support. Without you, we would never be able to make the great progress that we are doing now. Together, we are laying the foundation for an application that will benefit rehabbers, the wildlife they care for and future wildlife across the planet for years to come.

There are 24 hours remaining on our Kickstarter campaign. After the campaign has officially ended we will begin the process of improving the security and integrity of the database. Just this one “simple” upgrade will give Wildlife Rehbilitation MD the strength it deserves to become a fully fledged* web application, in a faster and more secure hosting service. This service will also distribute Wildlife Rehabilitation MD across multiple servers that will enable it to “stay up” if one server were to fail or go down temporarily. It will also be able to scale up according to increased web traffic conditions. These conditions are a strong possibility over time as we grow* and connect with more rehabbers.

* Yes this is a pun. Wildlife Rehbilitation MD will fledge and grow into a powerful hosting environment just like a bird fledges from a nest and grows into an adult.

We are also going to begin the development of a few other features. Fortunately these features are not as intensive in development as the server relocation. The upgrades will be rolled out over the next calendar year, likely starting after August. Summer is the busiest time for wildlife rehabilitators so it is important that we leave the database in a stable state during the busy summer months and release the updates during the fall and winter. At which time, the database will be fully released to all wildlife rehabilitators.

To be Developed

  • Enhance the analytics to help highlight early warning signs that may predict epidemics.
  • Teach the database which species are native to which states.
  • Group species into their lay categories (raptor, songbird, carnivore, …).
  • Create the ability to transfer a record from one account to another.
  • Provide even better online support for new and existing accounts.

It can never be said too many times, thank you all for your generosity in supporting Wildlife Rehabilitation MD!