2012, Year End Review

What an amazing year for Wildlife Rehabilitation MD! So many things happened this year that I’m not sure that I can remember them all to list. In summary,  Wildlife Rehabilitation MD BETA was silently released into the wild and a few wildlife rehabilitation centers were invited to use it. Thanks to their patients and dedication to the cause, Wildlife Rehabilitation MD evolved from a great idea into a great database. The year also included hundreds of improvements and tweaks to improve the user’s experience as well as offer better ways to catalog the data. We also formally introduced the database at CCWR announcing that Wildlife Rehabilitation MD would be official available to all wildlife rehabilitators FOR FREE. Since then the anticipation of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD has grown exponentially. We are very excited to be entering 2013 with such a strong database to offer to the wildlife rehabilitation community.

Special Thank You to:

  • Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife
  • Bird Ally X

2012 Year End Stats

  • 4,095 cases created.
  • Top 10 species seen:
    418   ::  Opossum, Virginia
    400   ::  Pelican, Brown
    282   ::  Cormorant, Double-crested
    280   ::  Squirrel, Eastern Gray
    270   ::  Raccoon, Northern
    237   ::  Dove, Mourning
    192   ::  Cottontail, Eastern
    167   ::  Mockingbird, Northern
    86    ::  Grackle, Common
    73    ::  Gull, Laughing
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