$10,000 Matching Gift !

We are excited to announce matching donation funds of $10,000!

A few weeks ago an amazing and generous donor offered us a $10,000 matching gift and WE NEED YOUR HELP getting it!

In 2022, WRMD was used in 28 countries by over 1,100 organizations. As of this writing 2,686,600 million patient records have been entered into WRMD worldwide! Today we are reaching out to you for your support.

We are humbled, and in awe, of the growth of this database that began as a passion project by two wildlife rehabilitators in 2012. As we reflect on all the good that WRMD has enabled to wildlife and rehabilitators, over the last 10 years, we give thanks to the generous donors who have made it possible for us to continue to operate this database.

Just this year, our donors have made it possible for us to begin work on WRMD 4.0, which will include some very exciting changes and updates such as daily tasks, forum groups, custom reports, multi-lingual support and so much more.

That’s right! We are working on a complete upgrade to WRMD that will encompass so many of the ideas that our users have asked for that until now we couldn’t do. Over the next year you will learn all about what we’ve been up to. An investment in WRMD 4.0 is an investment for the good of wildlife and rehabilitators worldwide. When 4.0 launches in late 2023 we will be able to deliver the world’s most advanced and inclusive database, designed specifically for the world’s wildlife rehabilitators.

With gratitude, we boldly and sincerely ask for your help reaching our goal of $20,000. Please support us in the way you can to allow for more success stories in 2023!

Devin Dombrowski and Rachel Avilla
Co-Founders, Devin Dombrowski and Rachel Avilla
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